How I Saved A Girl From Being Gang Raped at a Frat Party

She and I were at a college Frat party just down the block from our dorm.   It was the first week of school and we had just met.   She lived across the hall from my dorm room and we helped each other move stuff around.  I was 20, she was 18 as I recall.  She was new to drinking and it showed.  She was a pretty blond girl from the cow country, and very naive.  I think she might have even been a virgin, I don’t know.

Down the street we went to the party, and the Frat boys were intent on getting all the women as drunk as they could, myself included.  I didn’t think much of this.  Surely there could not be so much evil in the world that a party could be filled with men intent on gang raping women?  Could there be that much evil in the world?   I felt safe at this party but to be on the safe side, I did not drink.  I pretended to drink and that is the only way to survive a Frat party.  My secret?  I had a beer bottle which I kept re-filling with water every time I went to the bathroom.  So when I was told to chug my beer, I chugged my beer, but the beer was just water.  My friend, however, was very drunk.

She wouldn’t listen to me and she got very, very drunk.  Of course, this was a psychopath getting her drunk and pretending to like her.  At first he seemed very nice and was quite charming!  In retrospect, he was charming in a “Ted Bundy” sort of way.  Frat boy Bundy invited my friend upstairs to see his room and up the stairs she went!  She could barely walk.   I loudly protested but up they they went.  I was worried sick and posted myself at the bottom of the stairway.   Then I saw a bunch of other Frat boys bounding up the stairs after she disappeared.

I didn’t know what this meant because I couldn’t possibly comprehend the evil intent of the situation .  No one can imagine that something like that happening with you in the scenery.  Stuff like that only happens in horror movies on the big screen, not your actual life!  However, the thought of this evil occurring began to rattle around in my head as the minutes went by.  Maybe God was trying to send me a message.  I paced and I waited and I was frantic.  I paced some more and I waited and I was more frantic.   There were Frat boys guarding the stairway and they wouldn’t let me up to look for her.  Fifteen minutes passed and she still didn’t return.  I had thought she would be back soon but the reality of the situation finally hit me.   Something was not right.

I forced my way up pass the Frat boys guarding the stairway.  They didn’t put up much resistance I think they wanted me to do what I did.  Maybe there was something still human left in them.  I bounded up the stairs and I went from bedroom to bedroom opening doors until I found her.  She was in a room filled with ten to fifteen Frat boys.  Some of them looked scared, some of them looked ready to rape, and my friend was starting to wake up to what was about to happen.  She looked very scared.  I dragged her out of there.  The scared looking Frat boys now looked relieved.  Others looked angry at being denied their prize.   I guess the angry ones were used to gang raping drunk freshmen girls?  They were already full fledged serial gang rapists?  Was this some sort of Frat hazing ritual?  God help us.

We got out of there.  My friend?  She never spoke to me again.  I guess I’m just part of a bad memory for her.   I, however, will never forget that night or the psychopaths that nearly raped my young friend.  To this day, I cannot comprehend in my mind how such evil could exist in the world.